Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Catholics are all up in arms over Britney Spears' new album cover (above). At first I was kind of impressed by the picture, but that's only because I thought the revealed legs belonged to the priest and he was wearing stockings under his frock. You know, a joke about priests being queer. But upon closer investigation-- who gives a shit? At least it's not the Jonas Brothers on his lap.
Some Catholics are calling this a "bottom of the barrel stunt" for Britney. No this isn't. Holding a baby in one hand, a bottle of pills in the other, and steering the car with your knees-- all while being photographed by dozens of people-- that's a bottom of the barrel stunt.

Once again, the church has better shit to do. Jesus Christ, who fucked these guys in the mouth and made them such bitches? Oh... right.

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