Wednesday, November 7, 2007


A new study on teenage abstinence education programs has proven again that they don’t work; however, they do make your daughter more likely to take it in the ass. Currently, a Bush-backed bill making its way through congress is asking for an additional $141 million to teach abstinence only to American children.

So why does Bush want to fuck your daughter in the ass so badly? Cause that’s how he does us all.
Watch this quick government-funded abstinence commercial that runs on Fox news but not too many other channels.My God, those kids are hot. I don’t normally fuck kids, but I want to fuck each and every one of those children. “Dad, talk to me about Sex,” damn straight I will little girl. “Tell me what you want from me” You just keep wearing those sexy boots you little whore.

This thing is loaded with sexual imagery. How about the black girl on rollerblades? It looks like she has one leg in California and one in Nevada. And what about the little boy in the ocean? He looks like a commercial for Hedonism’s pedophile island. Jesus Christ these abstinence people are weird.

Also note that gay people can’t get married, so the government says they should never have sex. Talk about fighting an uphill battle—you might as well try to establish a peaceful democracy in the Middle East… oh wait

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