Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Now I’m not against the AIDS quilt per se, BUT maybe the anti-AIDS movement should rethink their marketing campaign. More than half of the new AIDS cases in America occur in African-Americans, but only 1% of the quilt represents black people. When I hear that, I think, “Hey, maybe quilting isn’t the best way to inform the young urban population of the AIDS problem.”

Instead of investing time and energy in making 100 new quilt patches by the end of November, how about a little honesty? Simply tell kids that AIDS is so bad that people in Africa rape newborn babies to try to no get it. I think that image speaks to children from all ethnicities.

However, we need to be sure to point out that baby rape does NOT prevent AIDS, unless you wear a condom and the baby already had AIDS… but that’s really just semantics, because not fucking a baby with AIDS also prevents the spread of the virus.

That may seem extreme to some people, but loosing an entire generation because somebody thought quilting would solve the problem would be a real shame.
"A quilt? No... that's cool. I mean, some AZT or medical volunteers
or something would help, but you know, a quilt is cool too. Thanks."

Tell you what, how about we compromise and combine the two marketing strategies and make a bunch of quilt patches depicting baby rape? That should make everyone happy.

PS: I bet at AIDS quilting parties, whenever someone accidentally pricks their finger with a needle, everyone gets a really tense look on their face.

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John Wessling said...

hurry pete, post something bad about white people! this blog is number 4 with a bullet on the KKK top 20!