Friday, November 9, 2007

(former) GOVERNOR HOSTS UFO!!! (convention)

Former Arizona Governor Fife Symington (you know a guy named "Fife" is open to new ideas) and 14 other former semi-high ranking government officials are holding a meeting to discuss their UFO experiences.Symington believes it's time the government come clean about the existence of UFO's after he and thousands other people recently witnessed a silent delta shaped craft dart through mountains repeatedly in Arizona.

The event was explained as an Air Force test project, but considering we can't even put armor on most of the Hummers in Iraq, I'm finding it increasingly hard to believe that our military is experimentally breaking the fourth dimension and rearranging matter for a larf.

It's time for the government to either come clean about the UFO's or whip out those weapons that break the space-time continuum. Our boys in uniform could really use that time-traveling flame thrower about now.

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