Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Threat level elevated as the terrorist keep the hot stuff hot, and the cold stuff cold.

Despite how awesome it would be, turns out, there’s no such thing as a suitcase nuke or “dirty bomb.” The whole thing was made up. In reality, the heartland is more likely to get Nuged than nuked.

"Ain't no law against waterboardin' a buffalo!"

I don’t know which bothers me more: a government that pays someone to come up with Hollywood style props and plot lines to intentionally mislead the public, or a government whose intelligence agents are so bad at their job that even Kinko’s would fire them.

"What the fuck do you want?"

A suitcase nuke? Plastic sheets and duct tape? Colin Powell shaking a vile of anthrax at the UN? All great plot points to pitch an action movie, but they also contribute less to the betterment of society than the first draft of Michael Bay's dialog. Let us never forget the atrocities committed against Americans viewing “Pearl Harbor.”

Last may Lieutenant Colonel Joseph H. Felter, told the Senate Committee on Homeland Security:

“an Iraqi insurgent group held a website design contest among its worldwide supporters. The prize for the winner was to launch a rocket attack against a U.S. base in Iraq simply by clicking the mouse on their computer from the comfort of their own home.”

He then added, “unless you forward this email to ten friends…”

"We want flash, but the design must be intuitive. Death to America."

Lt. Felter, clearly a man with his finger on the pulse of something...

I just can’t figure out whether it’s all intentional lying or they’re simply a bunch of aging baby-boomers forwarding around ten year-old urban legends because they just discovered the internet.

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