Thursday, December 6, 2007


"Try not to get shot in any vital places. I already sold your organs."

The Whitehouse continues to push for war with Iran. Can you imagine another war? What if we win? I don't think we can take a loss like that now.

If we do go to war with Iran, at least lazy journalists can just reuse their Iraq stories and change all the q's to n's. It's all the same bullshit. "They have weapons. No? They want to make weapons. No? They used to want to make weapons? Please? Come on! Give me a God Damn war!"

Honestly, I think Bush is just trying to fuck up the Middle East so much, that eventually it'll be so hopeless, we'll all give in, and say, "fine just nuke the whole thing."

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evrenseven said...

I really thought you'd be above a "changing Qs to Ns" joke.