Monday, December 31, 2007


"Sooo, this is what it's like bein' a bad guy. All right."

140 protesters were killed in Kenya over the weekend when rioting broke out after their sitting President made a corrupt power grab, and stole his re-election. All while you were watching another news report on what a tough year it was for Anna Nicole Smith.

"I can’t believe Bush stole Florida- I mean, Mwai Kibaki and Kenya."

“Okay, okay, you didn’t rig the election. Just stop shooting tear gas at me, asshole!”

“Jesus Christ, all I did was vote yes on Prop 287.”

They should protest in front of their drought-stricken crops

If you ever see a mob like this coming through your neighborhood, you have to join it.

You just have to.

"Heros in a halfshell. Turtle Power!"

Ewwww, this is gonna be good.

There are few pleasures in life like taunting an armed policeman.

Yes, they’re pissed the election was stolen by a corrupt dictator, and he's unleashed a brutal police army on his own people, but you can’t tell me these two guys aren’t having a blast.

"We're grillin' tonight!"

"Hell yeah, we grillin' tonight!"

No, I will not say somethin' racist.

AHHHHH!!! are you kiddin’ me? Give a white guy a break here.

Who would steal a crazy old woman?

"Stop! Hey! [THWACK] Stop! Who’d you vote for?! [THWACK] Tell me! Who’d you—[THWACK] wait, come’ere [THWACK]—who’d you vote for?!” [THWACK THWACK] No—look at me—who’d you vote for? [THWACK THWACK]"

It probably is.

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