Monday, December 17, 2007


“Guys, guys, back it up, I lost a flip flop.”

Of all the weird things white people worship, at least a big block isn’t one of them.

Let’s be honest, if America wants to compete, we’re going to have to incorporate the Super Bowl into Christianity.

God damn fucking eagle’s a traitor.

“One more thing…”
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! He just won’t shut up! Get on the fucking bus already!”

“Yes, I can afford a bus ticket, but I am merely a man like you.”

I get everyone wearing the same white robe, but a specific, mandatory Hajj suitcase? Someone’s a marketing genius. Who says capitalism won’t work there. All they need is some capital.

This guy’s seen more people die then you’ve eaten french fries.

You can hate freedom, materialism, and capitalism all you want, but there ain’t no denyin’ a three piece an’ a biscuit.

I know I sleep better at night knowing my chances of getting into heaven are increased because I ordered my bucket of legs and thighs in a different line than a silly woman.

I admit I don’t know the subtleties of Islamic law regarding headdresses and religious clothes, but these broads a clearly wearing lap blankets.

“You can feel it, it’s electric! Boogy woogy woogy!”


John Wessling said...

I think this post finally answers the eternal question, "What's a brotha gotta do to get a fatwa-issued-on-his-life around here?"

Anonymous said...

pretty disgusting racist and hate-mongering website. Sorry I clicked in.