Monday, December 17, 2007


Somewhere in a her hometown, some asshole is saying "Yo, I hit that way before any of those famous guys did. Black eye? Shit I punched her in the tit when she was 14."

Pamela Anderson filed for divorce from her two month old marriage to Rick Solomon, but claimed today that they are trying to work it out. I kind of feel bad for her, she’s in a real pickle here. Sure, no one wants to be married to a shit bag like Rick Solomon, but it’s also awfully hard to find someone to date with that many matching STDs but no additional ones.

Considering she’s been married to Tommy Lee, Kid Rock, and Rick Solomon, I’m pretty sure Pam has the whole alphabet of Hep by now. And those are just the guys she married, who one would assume are at least slightly cleaner than the guys she’s just dated or fucked.

Someday I’m going to map out the six degrees of STDs in Hollywood, and publish is as a multivolume set.

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