Tuesday, January 15, 2008


“you wanna fight him with my eagle?”

"It's like that little hat Condi puts on me..."
"How you doin', Jesus Arab?"

"So, Mr. President, the 3 foot no touch radius, is starting now?"

"Am I in paradise, and where are the other 63 of you?"

“I mean, she had one of them burkas on, but you could still tell she was built.”

“ain’t nothin’ in Abu Dhabi but oil an’ targets, and I don’t see any oil on this map…”

"Leggo my Haliburton-o !"

“Hey boys, them rifles still holdin’ up? All right—lemme know—we got lots of factory seconds for real cheap too.”

"Man, I really gotta stop makin’ eye contact."

“God damn. This upskirt camera ain’t doin’ no good today.”

“Nation of Israel, I appreciate the convenient parking spot.”

"I have seen some fake religions and funny hats in my time, but those hats, they take the cake."

“Aw shit! I can’t believe I’m late for the Jew parade. I hope this isn’t why they hate Hitler so much.”

Dear Jesus, does bein' here count against my Heaven points? Amen, George.

“Kid, if you don’t smile, I’m sending your grandparents back to Auschwitz.”

"Goodbye problems!"

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