Wednesday, January 30, 2008


A Houston area woman is being charged with child endangerment and abandonment after she left her six children home alone while she went to Nigeria for six weeks to marry an internet friend leaving the kids with only a frozen pizza and some rotten fruit. Could've been worse though-- she could have taken the them with her.

Police said that when they picked up her one year-old, they could feel his ribs. Well, at least he didn't have that starvin' kid pregnant belly with flies all over his face.

Not only did she ditch her six kids, she also abandoned two of the neighbor's bastards she's been raising too, which means, this is the first Nigerian internet marriage where both parties were shocked that they had been conned into a shitty deal.

"I thought I won the Nigerian lottery!"
"I thought you had zero kids and a downpayment!"

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