Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Der's Dollars in Dem Dar Dough Rolls!

First I'm gonna eat your burger, then I'm gonna eat you. I can't help it. I think there's something in the meat."

A story in the New York times today features a study claiming surgical weight loss is more effective in treating diabetes than traditional medical counseling, ie: don't eat that, swallow this, prick that, fuck you.

Without even taking a skeptical or supportive stance on this issue, I can stand to say, somebody is about to make a fuck load of money on this surgery.

In fact, someday soon we may find that the workforce it requires to address America's growing weight epidemic might just be the spark we need to pull us out of the ensuing credit recession. I called it, so I'm gonna name it: Operation Husky Patriot. It'll be part of our generation's national call to action. But instead of the New Deal, ours'll be called "Look, here's the Deal..."

I got a D- in Econ 100. Not even 101, Econ 100. Total bullshit.

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