Monday, January 14, 2008


"I don't know why y'all smile while I'm handin' out atomic wedgies. Y'all crazy."

In addition to the recent surge of athletes embroiled in the steroid controversy, we can now add several musicians. Mary J Blige, Timbaland, 50 Cent, and Wyclef Jean have been listed as pro-roid. Apparently, lifting beats and polishing vocals are more physically taxing than takin' it to the bridge and breakin' it on down were.

Even Tyler Perry, the moral, wholesome, egotistically naming play write is apparently juicing. I had long suspected "Diary of an Angry Black Woman" was autobiographical, and they just cut out all the needle scenes. Guess I was right.

Dear God, please, please, please give us Toby Keith too. If his balls were the size of Craisins, it all would make so much sense.

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