Wednesday, January 30, 2008


“Yeah, we were wondering if you could bring any of that down to the office today. Cash or coins, anything really…”

It's a bad sign when the mortgage crisis and the crackhead economy intersect.

“I figured, why not, I work in real estate, I deserve an insultingly large house.”

“God damn it, I know it sucks losing your house, but could at least one of these fucking people fill out a change of address form. Spend my whole damn day cramming collection notices into fucking boarded up mail slots!”

There’s almost enough information about Peter and Cynthia Samson in this picture to fill out their unemployment form for them.

“What do you mean, we’re done?”

Well, at least we know it's not a regional problem.

If you rearrange the letters in their name, it says "Credit Issues."

At first I was relieved to learn that this is in England. Then it scared me even more.

"Gimme a dollar. This one feels lucky!"

I’d like to see a graph comparing that guy’s hair loss pattern and the economy over the past eight years.

“Where’s Alan Greenspan?”

“I’m Ben Bernanke. I’m chairman of the Federal Reserve, and I have been for two years now.”


“I know. We’re fucked. Like really fucked. REALLY, REALLY, REALLY fucked. Really. Fucked."

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