Wednesday, January 30, 2008


"I mean you no harm. I am a breath-freshening robot. Please place your mouth on my gun barrel."

What's the scariest word that could possibly be paired with "robot?" Boss? Gun? Maybe Shark? Not even close. Try "Swarm." Trust me, if you hear someone yell "Robot Swarm!" you will run.

Scientists at Carnegie Mellon are creating swarming robots as we speak. Obviously, they're designed to kill us, but how?

Hundreds of these small electromagnetically powered 'bots can swarm together and form one mega shape-shifting machine. So it could take on the shape of a ball, a car, or even a person.
Think of it this way: it's like Voltron combined with the Wonder Twins and Heinrich Himmler to form the world's most efficient, form-shifting killing machine that's programmed to slaughter us all, and let the giant barcode tattoo scanner in the sky sort us out later.

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