Thursday, January 24, 2008


“Hi, we’re going to take you into space.”
No fucking way.

Honestly, it’s his sideburns that make me not trust him to design a plane to take me into orbit.

Nope, not goin'.

That plane on the left is named the “White Knight 2.” Seriously? Richard Branson’s in the Klan?

This could easily be a court photo for some really weird murder case. Like Really weird, so weird that it would not only inspire Hollywood movies, but also psychology textbooks.

Virgin Money? Jesus Christ. If this orbit business works, Branson’s gonna rule the god damned world. I wonder who he’ll target with his genocide. That’s right, the blacks. Sucks.

This Branson guy has “Bond Villain” written all over him.
Unfortunately it’s “late 80’s Timothy Dalton era Bond Villain.”

“Knight takes King. Checkmate.”

“You’re fucking nuts. I mean it. There’s a chemical imbalance you need to get checked out.”

Richard Branson at a private party in Shanghai. I don’t even want to know what goes on there, but I’m pretty sure a new derogatory, sexual euphemism will come out of it.

“Great to have you on board, Mai. Now, who wants to earn their brown wings?”


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