Thursday, January 24, 2008


That? Oh, that's an F-16 fighter jet.

Military officials now claim that the recent UFO activity in Texas was F-16 fighter pilots training. Initially the military had said there were no planes or exercises in the area, but now, two weeks later, the story has changed.

Like I said before, if our military can create planes that can dart around faster than any other jet in existence, disappear and reappear from the same spot, and bend the space-time continuum, why are we having such a hard time in Iraq?

Locals aren’t convinced by the government’s explanation. So now, hundreds of Texans claim they saw something that now goes against both the U.S. military and the Church. That’s like contradicting a Toby Keith lyric then punching Jesus in the stomach while he’s wearing an Uncle Sam costume. These people really saw something.

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