Monday, February 25, 2008


This bunker will be safe even if Norway gets nuked, but you'd have to be a pretty serious asshole to nuke Norway.

Scientists have stored 4.5 million different seeds in a “Doomsday bunker” in an arctic portion of Norway. The seeds are being saved as a precautionary measure to ensure that if there is nuclear winter or the world ends through other means, in the future there will still be a vast variety of crops for Walt Disney and Roger Maris’s head.


FutureShock said...

They know the deal, and soon everyone else will. Our 12th planet (PlanetX, Aries or Nibiru)with it's 3600 year orbit is getting closer to our solor system. 12/21/2012 Is the date set for it's crossing. We'll be in bad shape long before that. Do some research see what you think. Try youtube.

Peter Grumbine said...

4 more years? Shit, I'd say we're closer to 4 more days!

some norwegian guy said...

planet x does not exist, and NASA never took a picture of it.
but ice age is probably going to start in 100 - 200 years, and no, the year 2012 is not the end, its not been proven, and just because the maya calender ends that year it doesn't mean it's the end.