Monday, February 11, 2008


Amy Winehouse, the only performer doing topical material at the Grammys.

Some people worry about traces of drugs showing up in hair tests. Not Amy, she shoves eight balls in her beehive for later.

There were never any cowboys in Nashville.

Good thing Bocelli’s blind so he couldn’t see everyone in the theater and at home get up to piss when he performed with Josh Grobin.

“Hey, let’s have some French-Canadian clowns pay tribute to the Beatles.”
“Fuck you.”

I love the Beatles and all, but other people’s acid trips are annoying. Tell me about the octopus garden one more time and I’ll punch you in fucking the throat.

Those two Grammys almost make up for all the drunk assholes that show up at every concert and yell “Axel F! Axel F! Whew! Eddie Murphy!”

Now that Jerry Lee Lewis’s 13 year-old cousin he married is 66, it seemed acceptable to have him perform at the Grammies.

It takes a lot to be the most fucked up person on this stage. Kudos, Little Richard.

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