Wednesday, February 13, 2008


"Don't look at me. Just open your hand, and I'll put it in there."

Right now, congress is telling Roger Clemens that his testimony concerning steroid and HGH use has been contradicted by several witnesses, and all the while, the Rocket keeps staring them in the eye and refusing to dust off his jersey.

From Ty Cobb to Pete Rose, baseball players have always been my heroes, and now in addition to hitting the ball 500 feet, and throwing over 100 mph, they lie to congress too Hell yeah, play ball! Congress has been lying to us since before we were born, and now Clemens is showing them the faster they come in, the harder they go out.

Roger Clemens: America's greatest pitcher and greatest patriot.


Anonymous said...


butterfly78 said...

Or is it spelled, Yuch

butterfly78 said...

Clemen's is a criminal jackass. I hope the Feds send him to the Pen. What a sleazy piece of #!&* his is. Typical American phony who takes no personal responsibility for his actions and tosses all around him to the dogs. There's nothing good about Clemens.

Anonymous said...

I propose Clemens be given a special Hall of Fame,perhaps somewhere inside the trough area slop zone of a pig farm. All of his GOP buddies and lying sycophants will be hanging out there anyways so this will just make for a convenient deal all around