Monday, February 11, 2008


“You plan interest rate cut, what else? Top secret CIA jails, right. What else? Okay, new missile technology- large or small? What else? New war plans. What else? That it? You want fried rice or steamed?”

A US government official and four Chinese nationals are being charged with spying on the United States. China already has all our money and jobs. Not to mention most our American flag and blue jean factories. What else do they want, our blue eyes and distinguishable facial features?


SpyVsSpy said...

What makes you think the US doesn't have spies in China as well? Hate to break it to ya, but every country has spies - that's politics.

As for the American flag and blue jean factories - American companies CHOSE to go there for cheaper labor, so what does that say about American companies actually giving a shit about American people? If you don't like American MNCs going overseas then tell the companies, not the countries - DUH.

And as for China wanting blue eyes and blond hair? Blondes hardly make up a sizable majority in which to say the US is mainly comprised of such. And when Chinese people are the most populous in the world, i don't think they give a shit about wanting to copy anyone else.

Read more, think critically, lurk more at politics and maybe you'll see how the US actually enjoys screwing itself over and over and over. Royally.

Peter Grumbine said...

read the headline, shithead.

SpyVsSpy said...

OH - One more VERY IMPORTANT thing regarding your belief that China has OUR money....

I hate to shatter your dreams, but IT'S THEIR MONEY. Yep. In fact, the US is in severe debt to them (as well as other countries). Don't you think a country will over a billion people has a lot of money? Um, yeah!

Read more IMF/World Bank reports, watch current economic trends - or just read The Economist for once before you start becoming a bigotted zealot. It's unbecoming of an American - we're supposed to buckle down and fight back - in this case, it's our own damn fault.

I'm just curious as to how you figure it's our money.

Peter Grumbine said...

get back to work, buddy. I'm sure right now someone, some where really needs a consultant right now.

AJK said...

What else do they want?

Here you are.