Wednesday, March 19, 2008


“Happy Anniversary!”

“Come on kids, we’re going outside to celebrate our special 5 year freedom anniversary!”

“I thought we were supposed to get reinforced humvees.”
“Whatever, at least the radio works.”

The “No Surrender Express” seems to have run off track, given that all the rail lines in Iraq have been blown to shit. In comparison to the trillions of dollars spent on the rest of the war, it's hard to get upset about my tax dollars paying for this campaign trip.

“See, we’ve still got stuff. We won.”

"Recession my ass! Business is booming!"

If the US Army needs to guard an Iraqi police graduation, the police might not be ready for graduation yet.

“That’s it, arrest the insurgents, collect the weapons, and match the cereal numbers to our receipts.”

“Holy shit, my car!”

“Holy shit, my country!”

“I’ve seen some fucked up things in this war—friends murdered, babies slaughtered, but when I looked into that man’s eyes, I truly was scared for the first time.”

This actually wasn’t a bombing. They’re cleaning up after Cheney’s mid-day feeding.

"Somehow, I just don’t feel like doing masonry today."

They didn’t want to separate the Iraqi man and his four year-old son, so they sent them both to a POW camp. No joke—that kid is fucked.

Talk about rubbing it in your face.

Iraqis rally around their only remaining bridge.

“Just sign here, and then go over there to get measured for your coffin.”

Ask these guys who they work for, and you’ll get six different answers.

Iraqi soldiers have taken to putting stickers and trinkets on the stalk of their rifle, so they know which way to point it.

Jesus Christ, the Iraqi Army looks ridiculous. Put on your fucking mask straight. You look like a blind man in blizzard.

If I was in the Army, I wouldn’t be one of the guys that kills kids or rapes locals, but I would slaughter that cow and slow cook a brisket over a depleted Uranium crater.

Five years ago, this woman didn’t even have the right to pilfer through the pile of shit that is her life.

“You know, just chillin’ out, enjoying my freedom.”

Looks like the Iraqi soccer team may be looking for a new striker.

Called it.

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ConsiderThis said...

I have been looking for images of the children maimed by American bombing, and I have found almost no pictures on the internet, at least as far as Google and Yahoo are willing to help.

My take is that the war is being sanitized for American consumption... today the news talks about "precision" bombing...

I think that's Republican speak ... and that can't be trusted. It was Republican speak which told us there were WMD in Iraq and we had to strike...

I personally am so sick and tired of the lies.