Monday, March 3, 2008


I hope she’s not dead because my first reaction to this picture was “she’s hot.”

“No. Who is this Waldo? Is he a Jew? I will kill him.”

"What rocks?"

“Down on the street. The kid's got rocks.”

In Israel, school children occasionally use their bomb shelters for desks.

Some of these kids might be okay someday. Not the one up front though.

“And this is my room where my friends and I used to hang out and plot to over throw Israel.”

"You see, we Jews are God’s chosen people, so this falls under an act of God and we can’t cover it."

“You like sky lights? We’ve got ‘em. Both floors.”

All he has left is his TV, and some day he’s gonna figure out Jews run Hollywood.

“This graffiti now belongs to Israel.”

Tear-gassing a crowd of Palestinians: the most sacred of all Israeli rites of passage.

The boys still give Ahmed shit for that day he had to borrow his girlfriend’s bag to carry his grenades.

It’s hard to immediately appreciate the irony of being run over by an ambulance, but eventually you get a good chuckle out of it.

Due to some grammatical translation problems, I'm not sure if they’re telling us about a holocaust in Gaza or encouraging one. I can never tell which side they're on unless they’re wearing their hats.

That’s a Palestinian hand giving either a victory or a peace sign. Either way, it’s a lie.

“Easy, bro, I’m just here for the semester.”

“Hey, was Schwartz kidding when he said I had to cup their balls?”

Are there any normal hats in the Middle East? It's like every day is wear a wacky hat to work day there.

Don’t catch it. Gypsies will steal your wallet.

I would have guessed the King of Jordan had a better mustache then Larry Bird. Just goes to show...

We should pull the ol’ blankets with small pox, and donate toxic FEMA trailers.
So, we’re supposed to kill the baby?

All we need to fix this is a bunch of giant speakers and a tape of “Wind of Change” by the Scorpions.

"Taaaaaake me to the magic of the moment on a glooooooooory night, Where the children of tomorrow dream awaaay in the wind of chaaayange! The wind of change!"

“Fuck this shit, let’s go.”

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