Tuesday, March 25, 2008


“You’re totally fucking this up.”

“What’s happened to my machine?”

“I just need a quick tune up and a little grease in the knees.”

“Could a Chinese kid do this?”

“No, you’d need a couple.”
“Maybe a Filipino midget then?”

That wedding bands hit the floor more times than Bush’s economy.

“Could you make it out to Chris and call him your biggest fan? ...This is awesome-- he’s gonna be so pissed!”

Clinton supporters faking Obamamania

Hillary clearly didn’t spend enough time practicing that move.

It looks like someone’s choking her. Lucky fucker.

“My parents love me for being me! No matter what!”

Hillary falters as she stumbles over the world “negro.”

That’s Hillary’s grasp. And there goes the election slipping right out of it.

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