Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Obama has received unrivaled cross-over support. Take for instance this black man wearing a cowboy hat in Mississippi.
You know you’re campaign’s a hit when people are selling pirated t-shirts in gas station parking lots.

Not only will Obama fix all our problems, his t-shirt sales will spur our stagnate economy.

I doubt anyone’s made a John McCain purse.

Barack’s so popular, fans are content just to hold the hand that gives him a high five.
Obama campaigns at the Mississippi University for Women, which is a Southern euphemism for “shelter for battered women.”
I get the feeling, every other day of the week, these two guys wear homemade family reunion t-shirts.

Mississippi hasn't been this excited since... well... ever.

I love that she’s got a Scorpions pun on her shirt, but a rally in Coastal Mississippi may not have been the best place break out the hurricane metaphors.

Obama, drawing his typical urban support.

This kid is exhausted from hearing “you could be president someday.”

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