Monday, March 10, 2008


Grabbing her crotch isn’t so much a dance move, as it is a preventative measure to keep her uterus from falling out.

At least Jesus went away for three days before making a comeback.

It’s time to hang up your “fashion icon” title once you’ve tried to make control top hose hip.

There’s something to turn off everybody in this photo.

It’s hard to play coy when your twat has been public domain for 25 years.

Part of me thinks she’s a total fraud and cries like Jon Benet during sex.

The passing of the burning sensation.

I’m not buying that she adopted that kid. I think he just fell out of her trap door vagina and walked into first grade.

Has it ever occurred to Madonna if the only men that think you’re sexy are gay, maybe you’re not really sexy?

I find it increasingly hard to believe that I’m the only person who finds this repulsive.

She’s got to be scaring the kids.

I have to imagine this was a compromise to doing the entire show with a giant 16 inch, black dildo strapped on.

The boom box was impressive, but the crowd really went nuts when Madonna pulled an entire jukebox out of her vagina.

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