Monday, March 17, 2008


"Yeah, I get it, Mom, you said “drunken donuts cup.” Real fucking funny. Oh, and now there’s a photographer here. Fucking great, Mom."

While PBR itself is not Irish, the act of drinking as much shitty alcohol for as cheap as possible is very Irish.

Buzz kill.

This lady makes me ashamed of both my Irish and American heritage.

These guys actually didn’t have to put any fuel in their mouth. The Irish do this naturally.

I’m not sure what the guy in the blue hat is yelling, but I can guarantee the words “slanted vagina” were soon to follow.

At least it looks better than his freckles.

Every year, Irish Prime Minister Bernie Ahern, is forced to laugh when President Bush says, “Hey, this isn’t what I wished for!”
In Belfast, Northern Ireland, a Protestant has every right to shoot this man.

Saint Patrick was actually a con man. He claimed to rid Ireland of snakes that they never had. It’s like Bush and his terror warnings. I’m guessing the old plastic wrap and duct tape bit would have gone over better if it came with a drunken parade.

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