Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I think the photographer’s trying to say something.

“Yes sir, I’m proud to shake your hand, and I’m sorry my father kept yelling “fuck you, mulatto” during your speech.”

I used to say cloaking yourself in the flag doesn’t make you anymore patriotic than me. In this case, however, it does.

Hillary Clinton pays homage to war god Buluc Chabtan’s cod piece and thus solidifies the Latino vote.

Not only did Bob vote for McCain today, he also beat up his ballet for “lookin’ at him queer.”

Two things old people love: bowling and voting.

Ah, America… If Norman Rockwell were alive today, he would paint this fat lady on her way to vote.

“Whatever man, I’m just here for a good time!”

It was all good fun at the Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show, until some racist jackass in the back made a bid on Obama.

That lady’s scarf says “Episcopal” but it doesn’t need to. The look on her face makes it abundantly clear.

Fed up with the Federal government’s refusal to build a fence on the border, Texans have taken matters into their own hands.

I think Latinos are such a coveted political demographic because Catholics don’t believe in birth control. The kids in this picture represent thousands and thousands of future votes.

It took her three hours and four Kinko’s employees to make that sign.

This picture is almost as quintessential Americana as the fat lady voting.

Even Ohio’s poll worker’s jobs have been shipped overseas.

Sometimes I wonder whose opinion means less to me: Eva Longoria or…

...Ted Danson's wife.

“All right guys-- ass, gas, or grass, nobody rides for free!”

The next generation’s A-Team.

Notice his sign says “I” not “we.” That was the problem.

“All right guys, ass, gas, or gr… What? Did Barack already do that today? Shit.”

“So I don’t have bingo?”

Every day Mike Huckabee showed up at work and other people were still working on the campaign, it was like a surprise birthday.

I can’t tell if the person on the far right is her awkward teenage son or her middle aged friend, either way he or she won’t be getting laid for a very long time.

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