Monday, March 3, 2008


"Hear me out... I say we take a small fraction of the content from our webpage, then pay to print it on paper, and then make people leave their houses and go into a well lit store to buy pictures of questionably young girls that are available online for free. And we charge them ten bucks. Fucking brilliant, huh?"

Girls Gone Wild flounder Joe Francis has announced the launch of Girls Gone Wild Magazine. Launching a magazine in this day and age is such a bad business idea that it almost has to be financed it by a second, subprime mortgage. In fact, this is such a bad business idea, Joe Francis must be using it as a front to launder money, because girls may go wild, but magazines—they’re just gone.

The first issue is only 14 pages long and cost $9.99. That’s just 7 pages front and back. Even those newspapers homeless people make are longer than that and have more substantial content.

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