Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Hillary’s off rhythm.

“I don’t normally say this to politicians, but you’re making me really wet.”

“Yes, I support the giant team from the New York district.”

"I appreciate your support, but look right here, in chapter one, “Never, ever, wear a jean jacket with a tie.”

When that kid goes to school tomorrow, he’ll be cool because he shook hands with Obama. Hilary—no one would care. McCain—meh. Romney—they’d call him and his dad a fag.

“Remember this moment kid. It’ll get you into the Northeastern college of your choice.”


“And now, they man wasting your time and money…”

Mitt Romney runs into a rally at Georgia Tech, to help lock down that vigorous young engineer vote.

Does McCain’s wife look like him, or do they just have the same Botox guy?

Notice that only one person is reluctantly reaching to shake Romney’s hand?

Obama’s so popular, when he shakes hands people mob him like he’s handing out UN rations.

The upper left hand corner of McCain’s forehead may be the absolute absence of color.

How much you think the Romney campaign paid those two black hotel employees to stand up front and hold signs?

This kid is about to be two knuckles deep in some serious political rally ass. He’ll vote in every election for the rest of his life.

Will somebody please explain to Hillary that look on her face is precisely what people don’t like.

“Maybe in 12 years you’ll vote for me then?”
“Prolly not”

You can’t fake that, but Hillary’s campaign will probably try to.

“I’d like a quarter pounder with cheese meal with no pickles and a Dr. Pepper. Barack, what do you want?”

The red sign says “firefighter’s wife for Huckabee,” as if I give a shit what her husband does or who the fuck she wants to vote for.

The Obama campaign made their main sign say “Change” in large font with Obama’s name below it.

Romney thought it was a good idea.

She thinks Romney is awesome and her shirts hilarious.

“And he was all like,’ bra you can’t stand here.’ And I’m all, ‘I know Hills’ and he’s all ‘that’s bullshit’ but here you are now, and yeah…”

“Seriously, we’re having dinner with James and Jennifer again?!? All they do is talk about Hillary. I’m gonna hang myself in the bathroom if they try to show us pictures of her on that fuckin’ digital frame thing again. “

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