Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Jesus Christ, try to vote for yourself with some class. Stop making a scene and just get in there.

" Should I dump a bucket of ice water on her?"

In the entire history of voting, from the first vote ever cast in ancient days, to the wounded patriots who fought for America’s first election, no one has ever enjoyed voting as much as Hillary just did.

“Mom, just let me vote, ok? It doesn’t always have to be about you.”

“Mommy no! She scares me!

“Carol, you’re black, tell them to vote for me.”

“Let’s see here. E.. F... P... T... O... is that a Z?
Wait which eye was I supposed to cover?”

I’m fine with the Spanish ballots, it’s the Russian below it that pisses me off. Way to win the Cold War, Reagan.

"God damned neighborhood kids keep knocking them over. It’s those damn hoodlums for Obama!”

“What has two arthritic thumbs and wants to stay in Iraq?”


“Is that you God?”
How does he manage to make Giuliani look like the normal one?

John McCain abandons the "Straight Talk Express" and gets on the "Say What Ever It Takes to Get Elected Jetliner."

“My ballot smells like children’s sweat. Lots of it.”

Obama’s grandmother still lives in Kenya, and constitutes the nation’s entire tourist industry.

Barack Obama, sneaking across the border as an illegal terrorist mulatto baby.

Barack Obama. Cutest. Candidate. Ever.

“What? Me? President of the United States someday? Right on, man. Right on…”

“Let’s see, prop 91-97… hmm, hmm, hmm… shit, shit, shit… it all sounds the same… yes, no? Fuck it, I’m voting for both sides.”

Ice cream. It’s like cocaine for Mormons.

“I’m watching you vote, Judy.”

Romney supporters have frightened children. I’m just sayin’.

I can marry her?! Thanks!”
Is Romney constipated or is that him loosening up?
“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

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