Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Seriously? This is our economy?

“Theresa’s never gonna understand.”

Looks like a confident and aggressive market.

Add a dozen drunk sleazy sales associates skipping a convention seminar, and this could be any casino in Vegas

"Five! I want five on bust!"

Pfffffff…. Mmmmm…. Hrrrrrrrr… shit.”
"Shit Shit Shit"

“and don’t blame yourselves, you were a better family then a failure like me deserved…”

“F-U-C-K, K, not J! Why doesn’t this God damned thing have ‘fuck’ in its predictive text?!? The economy is ‘FUCKED’ not ‘FTCJED!’ God damn stupid piece of shit!”

“Now who’s gonna fuckin’ crush up a pile of Adderall?! I’m Dow Jonesin!”

“It’s like coke without the harsh comedown, and totally legal.”

“Yeah, I don't think that’s appropriate on air.”

“Listen very carefully. There’s two trucks packed full of gold bars parked in a secret garage underneath ground zero…”

Well, that can't be a good sign.

“No, it’s my personal e-trade account. Yeah, I’m investing in the Yuan. Yeah, it’s Chinese.”

“How much you think we can get for the big flag?”

“See, no one’s gonna notice.”

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