Tuesday, March 11, 2008


“As I said before in my speech, all he does is say things in a speech.”

Hillary waves goodbye to the Pennsylvania manufacturing jobs she sent overseas with her support of NAFTA.

Despite the facts that John forgot punctuation on his finger paint sign and has never met Hillary, the proposal was still more romantic than the nuptial blood contract she signed with Bill years ago.

These old women don’t so much love Hillary, as they do hate the way their husbands used to treat them.

This kid wants a group to belong to even more than he wants another pair of tight emo jeans. Rewrite: “Sexually confused 15 year-old boy for Hillary.

Bush used fear of terror to get elected, where as Hillary seems to be using fear of herself.

Hillary Clinton autographing a baseball is akin to her first attempt to fix healthcare. She’s got no fucking business doing it.

Wow, Chelsea Clinton’s autograph. I’ll put that on the shelf right next to Ozzy Osbourne’s, fat, tone deaf daughter’s.

The energy at a political rally is somewhat diminished if everyone is just there for extra credit.

All the cool kids are across town watching Obama on TV.

It looks like she just won the 10 foot forward fall at the Special Olympics.

That man had one chance to let his politcal thoughts and ideas be heard across the country, and he came up with "ain't no party like a Scranton party." Pennsylvania doesn't deserve any jobs.

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