Tuesday, April 22, 2008


“How do you plan on landing?”
“I’m attaching 1000 balloons!”
“Yes, but how do you plan on landing?”
“1000 balloons!”

41 year-old Brazilian Priest, Reverend Adelir Antonio de Carli is missing after attaching himself to 1000 large helium balloons in an attempt to break the world record of a 19 hour flight. The Priest pulled the stunt in order to raise money for a “spiritual truck stop.” While de Carlis’ intentions were good-ish, I don’t think this is the man I want to ask for advice, worldly or spiritual. The guy launched from the fuckin’ coast, and then was surprised to float out over the ocean into oblivion. I know the Catholic Church is bad with science, but even a 3rd grader understands wind.

Well, at least we’ll finally have a patron Saint of inert gasses, seeing as the position of patron Saint of Truck Stops is already filled by the late Father BJ Outback.

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