Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The Bumbot provides downtown Atlanta with much needed security and tender ribs and chickens.

Atlanta bar owner and former Marine, Rufus Terrill has created a remote control bum attacking robot to protect his downtown bar, O'Terrill's. The Bumbot, made from a bbq smoker has bright red lights, an even brighter spot light, a wireless infrared camera, and, yes, a high powered water cannon.

The Bumbot has been a success for both security and promoting the bar, but here’s how it’s going to kill somebody. Two relatively sober homeless guys are finally going to realize they need to work together. One will strip naked and start flinging his shit at the Bumbot. He’ll draw the Bumbot’s attention and take a massive pummeling by the water cannon, while the other guy sneaks up behind it with a baseball bat and beats the unliving mechanical fuck out of it. Then Rufus will run outside and shoot them both.

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