Monday, April 7, 2008


"Are you here for the first guy who had the heart or the second?"
"I'm here to show my support for the gun."

A man in Hilton Head, South Carolina, received a donated heart 12 years ago from a man who shot his head off. A little while after receiving the stranger’s heart, he went on to marry the man’s widow, and even raised the donor’s kids, and then this weekend, he blew his own head off. I wonder whose gun he used?

He could have really punctuated his point by using the donor's stationary for his suicide note. He'd barely have to write anything.

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tommy james said...

Hypothetical question: You're on the waiting list for a new heart and this one comes up as an exact match. Do you take it or wait for the next one?

It can't happen a third time... can it?