Monday, April 7, 2008


As good as it feels to carry to Olympic torch, some of that joy has to be squashed by watching a cop put a Tibetan monk in a headlock… and an illegal headlock at that.

Tibetan exiles protest by shaving their heads. Now, I’m not one to encourage violence, but maybe if they tried something a little more proactive than a haircut, they wouldn’t still have this problem.

I can’t even imagine how humiliating it is to have your ass kicked by a French bike cop.

The headline in that Chinese newspaper is probably even more inaccurate than the shit I write.

If you’re trying to protest the violent, 50-year occupation of your homeland by a murderous government that crushed civil liberties and rules with an iron fist, a question mark may not be most effective and definitive symbol for your signs. Doesn’t really tell me much.

The ultimate irony is that magic marker was made in China, and the toxic ink will slowly seep into the monks’ bloodstreams and kill them.

I’ll give that monk props for not writing on his head backwards in the mirror.

This photo gives confidence that all of humanity is intrinsically connected and in harmony, because of the undeniable brethren between this guy and every American in a clown wig waving a John 3:16 sign behind the end zone.

Check it out, the cop didn’t even get off his bike to take down this British hippy.

Holy shit, go ahead and boycott the Olympics, this action is way better.




“Hey, look! I’ve got the Olymp… whoa, shit! Is that blood?!?

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