Wednesday, May 14, 2008


According to exit polls, voters in West Virginia relied heavily on race, the belief that Obama is a Muslim, and Hillary’s familiar smell.

How can a woman who looks like this have the audacity to say anyone else is out of touch?

What a fascinating juxtaposition between upper class twit of the year and low rent retard of the moment.

"My cousin told me that Barak Hussein is a Muslim, and he has the internet."

"I would like everyone to notice that my ice cream is vanilla, not black."

“White baby! Best kind!”

Hillary knows it’s not a good sign as she stares at the blank side of the poster.

That teacher has failed these kids, their parents, and our country.

“Do you want me to sign it above or below the three big K’s?”

That high school was actually named after its only graduate, Wayne.

Larry here co-owns a theater in Charleston, is supporting Obama, and represents THE West Virginia gay vote.

That secret service agent cost Hillary hundreds of votes.

At least Hillary can sleep well knowing her run for the Presidency will end on a high note, riding a wave on intense racism and xenophobia.

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