Thursday, May 15, 2008


Moments before Billie impulsively shook his ant farm like China, he realized why his dad liked to hit him.

Crazy Rasberry Ants
, a new species of ants, has invaded Texas, most likely through a port. Unlike other ants, the Crazy Rasberry Ants don’t follow each other’s paths and are for some reason drawn to computers, which they then infest and destroy, which could be very bad news for Texas’ personal computer owners… oh, and the astronauts orbiting over Earth.

Admittedly, for astronauts, the only words scarier than “Houston, we have a problem,” are “Space Station, we have a problem. It’s fucking crazy ants! We’re all doomed! Save yourselves!”

Do Crazy Rasberry Ants have a natural predator? Yes, manmade poison. And while these ants will probably never kills us, odds are the poison will.

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Joel said...

Nematodes, man.

Not a predator, but a parasite...I bet it would help, especially if they live as densely as the news reports say.