Thursday, May 22, 2008


If season one of “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila” didn’t stop this from ever happening, I really though season two would.

And like that, the 2008 electoral tide turns back the Republicans.

I’m guessing it’s deep seeded emotional issues stemming from a lack of personal identity and ability to trust that are keeping this person from marriage, not the law.

“Acccceeeeeeeeeppppttt meeeeeee.”
"Suck it, Dad!"

That guy in the middle’s so gay he’s coming on to the camera.

For 34 years Shelly has stood by Ellen, despite her complete lack of comfort with public displays of emotion.

What better way to celebrate the right to marriage than with a night of anonymous sex with a stranger you met on the street?

That’s a pretty tacky frame for a gay man.

That night, a new city record was broken for most softball games forfeited.

A rat tail, an ill-fitting orange hat paired with a red checked shirt and elastic waist pants? That man’s not gay at all! NARC!

Marriages were performed in order of likelihood anyone else would ever marry them/

An ingenious, chubby 13 year-old boy masquerades as a lesbian to finally get some action.

Notice, of all the protesters, the men are all standing next to men, and the women, women. Awfully close too.

Andrew Pugno, a lawyer for is not married and works with his local Boy Scout troop… Hmm…


Mr. Sustainable said...

Even as California celebrates an important victory for civil rights, it's vital that we not take ourselves too seriously. These captions include a bit too much in the way of stereotyping but also many humorous thoughts. Well done!

tommy james said...

While I found the line hilarious, I would think all those softball games would be POSTPONED - There can't be a forfeit if NEITHER team shows up.