Thursday, May 1, 2008


Some say that’s Hillary’s shadow on the flag. I say it’s her stain.

That wedding band has done more to destroy the sanctity of marriage than four buttfuckers in a conga line at a wedding chapel.

Literally everybody in the world must be out of botox.

This picture is supposed to show three generations of Rodham women, but from the way Hill’s aging, it looks like two.

Hillary lectures a gnome on foreign policy.

One should never be ashamed to be gay… but supporting Hillary? Keep that shit to yourself.

“All right, thanks for the tour guys, but I have to head out and take your manufacturing jobs with me.”

Since when has Hillary been running for the Republican nomination?

Clinton in this truck is even more bullshit than that Yale kid choppin’ brush.

“Wow, the cost of filling up your ridiculously inefficient truck you borrowed from a friend for this photo shoot is unbelievable.”

“$3 for this shit? I gotta get a real job.”

“So, I take the baby, and you vote for me?”

“Yeah, we’re in line to give away our jobs to developing countries.”

“And now, the woman who stepped foot in a pickup truck for the first time ever this morning…”

A voter in North Carolina gave this to Hillary. That’s part of our problem, we let jackasses who make balloon dolls vote.

Hillary visits a veneer factory. I couldn’t think of a better metaphor, even if she went to a hypocritical, lying, pandering mill.

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S. Weasel said...

Okay, I laughed.