Monday, May 12, 2008


I know everyone says people in West Virginia are stupid, but I really hoped they would know the difference between blue collar and blue blooded. Oh well.

“I am white!”

This guy has either lost it and shouldn’t be allowed to vote, or he’s the coolest old guy ever who does weird shit just to watch people react to it and he should be allowed to personally choose our president.

You misspelled “Hussein,” you illiterate bitch.

Perhaps we should have a serious conversation about the geographical constraints of West Virginia and their intrinsic effects on genetic diversity.

Poor kid looks like Sloth from Goonies.

Some analysts speculate that after winning Kentucky and West Virginia, Hillary will end her campaign on a positive note. What’s that note say “2 out of3 American retards prefer Hillary?”

“I bought this! Then I found out it was a book! Boo!”

“This is awkward.”

“No it ain’t!”

Good God, I can’t even imagine how racist the old people in West Virginia are.

Jesus… I wasn't even looking for pictures of retarded people in West Virginia, but they’re in all of ‘em. Take loosing as a compliment, Obama.

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