Monday, May 5, 2008


“With your vote, I can stay in this race long enough to figure out how to steal it.”

“I think it’s time for the big oil companies to start paying their fare share… Jesus Christ! Could somebody take the light off that God damned Phillips 76 sign?!?”

Are you fucking kidding me? That God damned, pandering, sell-out, manipulative, conniving, two-faced, sleazy, lying, desperate, cunt is campaigning on the back of a pickup truck?

It doesn’t count as being in a pickup truck if you have to put down a carpet first.

Hillary’s plan is this: the longer she stays in the race, the more tired Obama gets. The more tired Obama gets, the more black he looks. The more black he looks, well, you know how that one ends…

Hillary didn’t mean to turn her back on working class America; it’s just what she does.

Poor guy on the left lives in North Carolina so he has to tell everyone he’s straight.

Hillary hires a baby to attack Obama.

Voters in North Carolina attempt the fruitless struggle of stealing Hillary’s soul.

These women don’t represent four votes for Hillary so much as they do four votes against their ex-husbands.

On the right is NC Governor Mike Easley who said Hillary Clinton is not “a pansy.” On the left is the governor’s son, who is a pansy.

Chelsea would have had a bigger crowd, but there was a yard sale down the street.

Junior Johnson, I hardly knew ye.

Obama buys cake for the press corps, in turn they promised to be honest, and report that he has actually clinched the nomination, instead of creating absurd mathematical manipulations that say Hillary is still in the race. They lied. Again.

Bethlehem Oil. Seriously?

Can this guy just be our president?

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