Tuesday, May 20, 2008


This photo raises so many questions in my mind at once that I can't focus on writing a caption.

The British House of Commons has cleared a path for scientist to combine human and animal embryos for research in stem cell development. While it’s exciting to think of the medical doors being opened, you have to admit, oh my fucking God!

Of course the most obvious question is: who fucks the pig? Which I’m sure will lead to the most intense game of “not it” ever, until that one weird, patchy-scabby-scalped Brit scientist with eyes an inch apart and a chin that extends beyond his hook nose can no longer keep the corners of his mouth down, and confesses, “don’t worry about it. I put in some hours over the weekend.”

However, I plead with the British Parliament to take heed, because anything that validates or even invokes the film adaptation of the Island of Doctor Moreau is a horrible mistake. Hell, even typing the title of the movie seems dull and over produced.

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