Monday, May 12, 2008


"Jenna, I know we’re supposed to act happy in front of the cameras, but this black guy is really starting to freak me out."

Henry was a KA at Wake Forest, I’m guessing the black pastor wasn’t his idea.

Henry really looks like a nice guy, but he was trained by Karl Rove and his father was named “Man of the Year” by Tobacco International Magazine. Do you know how many deaths you have to cover up to be Tobacco International Magazine’s Man of the Year?

"Now all I gotta do is marry off the ugly one."

The good looking one looks like her dad. Admitting that makes me feel all kinds of funny.

It takes a lot to be the Boo Radley of the Bush family, but when was the last time you saw Marvin Bush?

These people clearly have VERY unrealistic standards of discrimination.

“What is this type of vehicle called, a boos? I’ve never been on a boos.”

What kind of a pathetic live to you lead when it is improved by a Christmas tree decoration celebrating two stranger’s wedding in May?

I’m worthless in the morning until I have my cup of coffee and look at a picture of two privileged children.

I’m guessing anyone who buys this mouse pad will use it as a trivet. PS: In the bottom right corner, Henry Hager’s name is misspelled.

If this is the woman that sells this shit, how ridiculous do the people who buy it look?

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