Thursday, May 15, 2008


“Trust me, I lost this war 40 years ago, I can lose it again today!”

“Oh! My pills!”

Number one sign you’re too old to be president: you need a step stool to get off the straight talk express.

Politics of exchange.

2:1 odds he’s wearing his other glasses under those.

Do you love McCain or having your picture taken? Cause you’re looking at the camera not him.

“I’m sorry I called the Catholic Church “a great whore,” but I don’t know why you’re being so faggy about it.”

“I don’t see why everyone’s so upset. This Shiite neighborhood seems pretty safe.”

“Looks just like Detroit to me.”

It was a nice peaceful hike until Larry yelled, “Charlie!”

“Psst! Push him!”

McCain lights up when his staff tells him he’s done in time for the early bird special.

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