Tuesday, May 20, 2008


"I can skirt the numbers, and you don’t understand them, so keep voting for me Kentucky!"

“How come you don’t wear a flag pin? Because you hate America? Think you’re too good to talk to me?! Dolly, steal his soul with that contraption!”

“Barak Obama just can’t connect with as many Americans as I can."

“Hillary who said what?”

The media always says Bill is a liability for Hillary’s campaign. You know, because she was such a successful and well known politician before he made her first lady.

Cut him a break, it's hard to be gay in Kentucky.

Heard it.

"... nothing. You already told her twice!"

“Wow, what… a… surprising… question… roll prompter… more…”

Holy shit, did she see my resume on my desk?!

I thought it was funny when I found a picture of an old Hillary supporter with a sticker on his head in West Virginia. Now that I see it again in Kentucky, it scares me.

Hillary shows the first visible signs that she is aware she has lost… or she’s actually ashamed of the tactics she plans to use to steal the election.

White do all these people have in common?

“I’ll have an iced tea with lemon.”

“Aaaaahhhh! Thief! Theif! Police! Help!”

“How ‘bout we just compromise and call him a ‘niggorist?’”

Oregon has 52 delegates, Kentucky, 51. Yet, Puerto Rico gets 55, plus New York’s 281.

Is Hillary breaking new ground campaigning by being the first politician to stump at a glasses shop, or is she just getting some errands done while she’s still on the campaign’s dime?

“We should get that for Chelsea! She loves the mice pads!”

Ah yes, I remember this feeling from the dotcom bust.

Bill clearly isn’t even trying any more.

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