Thursday, May 1, 2008


“Now reach up and pick an apple then put it in your pocket, pick an apple, put it in your pocket—kick your legs!”

A new study released today finally says what everyone’s known but had a hard time phrasing without sounding racist: over half of black kids can’t swim, 58% in fact. But it’s not black people’s fault, because to learn how to swim, someone has to teach you, so the real question is why won’t white people teach black people to swim?

Primarily to keep them off the beaches. Plus thanks to all the drownings, not teaching black people to swim is a like a legal, slow and watery passive aggressive lynching. I’m just surprised this didn’t come up in Reverend Wright’s speech.


Anonymous said...

Some of us have had the opportunity to expose our children to various activities at nearby community centers. I don't know how to swim. However, my three older daughters I not only drug to swimming lessons, I actually made (sewed) their swimsuits. Didn't get swimming lessons for the youngest, but did take her to dance lessons for little girls.

Do you think that lots of black women don't want to swim because, even if you wear a swimcap, your hair tends to get wet? We should know what happens when a black woman's hair gets wet and what it takes to mitigate the outcome. I notice black men are more likely to swim than black women.

chuck chuck chuck... said...

now tell me please..

why should WHITE people teach BLACK kids to swim?

isn't that statement belittling black people?

shouldn't it be up to the parents to teach their children?

i dont understand why black people don't help each other out and stop moochin off whitey, especially now that "the man" is now a "black" man..