Monday, May 12, 2008


I generally consider myself a "fighter," but at this point, I would give up.

An Australian man was swimming 80 yards offshore when a great white shark dragged him underwater and out to sea. The man said he instinctively felt for the shark’s eye, and then poked it until the shark released him. I wish someone had taped it, because who wouldn't buy that pilot? It's like the Three Stooges meets Shark Week. You'd have every single male 18-34 watching.

The man is healthy, but I’m guessing he may have problems with depression, ‘cause once you’ve beat up a great white shark, I’m not sure this world could impress you.

FYI, the name “Great White Shark” makes the guy who names the shark racist, not the shark. So stop with the letter writing campaign already. If you ask me, they kind of look Jewish anyway.

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