Thursday, May 1, 2008


Billy Bob has to be so proud of his 14 year-old son Willie for consistently boning a 22 year-old and so ashamed of his other pudgy emo kid.

TMZ posted that Billy Bob Thornton’s son Willie apparently had a sexual relationship with a 22 year-old woman while he is only 14. Other “journalistic outlets” have a “gentleman’s” agreement not to publish names and pictures of juvenile victims of sex crimes, but TMZ went ahead with the story and a picture of Willie Thornton.

There’s a lot of losers in this story: TMZ, Willie, the 22 year-old chick, but none so much as the jealous boyfriend of the 22 year-old who reported the crime to police. I hope they laughed his ass out of the station.

Me, I’m just posting this for the hits, and I clearly have no scruples, plus it doesn’t take a genius to know Billy Bob Thornton’s kid is already fucked up and this story ain’t gonna change that. So please ignore this paragraph full of embedded tags. Willie Thornton, Willie Thornton sex 22, Willie Thornton sex 22 year old, Willie Thornton sex 14, Willie Thornton pic, Willie Thornton TMZ, Willie Thornton picture. There, that should do it.


tommy james said...

With all those tags in the last paragraph, you're a bigger whore than the 22 year-old whore this stories about. Irony? I think not.

Anonymous said...

The boy walking alongside Willie and his father(aka; the rather large,sized child wearing a purple hoodie), IS NOT MY CHILD!

I am Willie & Harry Thornton's mother, Pietra Thornton. Harry is 11 months younger than his older brother Willie. He has a slender physique and wants to be a cop. Not a Goth! Please stop publishing this garbage. Thank you!

-Pietra Thornton

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tommy james. also, will is adorable and sweet. stop publishing this nonsense. -.-